Is the Haven academy accredited?

The Haven Academy has been recommended for accreditation as a private school through the Georgia Accreditation Commission. Schools that are recommended usually are approved. The meeting for this approval will be in April of 2020. We  have this in writing from the director of GAC if needed as proof. Our parent company, Canton Homeschool Resources is also accredited by GAC as a nontraditional education center. 

Do you accept SB-10 funds?

We are in the application process to accept these funds beginning in the fall term of 2020. While we cannot make any guarantees of being approved, at this point we do not foresee any reason that we will be denied.  We will have very limited availability. Please remember that by you using these funds and leaving the public school system, you will no longer get services for your child. We will attempt to meet the needs of every student we accept but we cannot accept all students who apply as we will only accept those we have space for and those whose needs are able to be met by our staff.  Our classes are small and space is always limited. 

Are you a secular or religious school?

 Our curriculum is from major publishers like McGraw Hill, Pearson, and Prentice Hall. These are popular in public and private schools across the nation.  We celebrate holidays from all over the world BUT we also have families who prefer to not have their children celebrate any holidays and we are good with this as well. Alternative activity accommodations can be made.   We accept and love students from all backgrounds and love the diversity in our school. 

What is your policy on accepting expelled students from public schools?

As a general rule, we do not accept expelled students OR those who have had a history of behavioral struggles at other schools.   If this is something that you need, please contact our sister program, Canton Homeschool Resources to inquire about an independent study program that may fit your needs. 

How do I apply for my student to attend The Haven Academy?

Please see the headings above to register for your requested grade level. There is a button on the bottom of the page. Please note that an in person meeting with all students and parents is required prior to enrollment of IN PERSON classes. We do not have this rule for online studies.  


What is the tuition for this school?

For the 2020-2021 school year, rates are below: 


PRIVATE SCHOOL TUITION (1st-12th grade):

Registration fee:$150/student/school year due upon registration.

Supply fee: $400 per student/school year if paid by April 30. $500/students/year after April 30. Tuition is: 

High School  $7800/year (10 monthly payments of $780 payment plan is available). 

Middle School$7500/year (10 monthly payments of $750 payment plan is available).

Elementary $7000/year (10 monthly payments of $700 payment plan is 

Spring Standardized Testing $100

Fall Standardized Testing $100

Extra-Curricular and Interscholastic Program $1500/year (4 monthly payment plan is available)

Tutoring $50/hour +

How do I schedule a tour or phone call to discuss tHe school?

Please email us at Renee@thehavenacademy.com to set this up.   There is also a button on the main page of our website where you can be directly linked to a sign up genius that lists dates and times tours are available. PLEASE NOTE that due  to our temporary closure for COVID-19, we will only be doing phone, Zoom meetings temporarily. (March, 2020)